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  • 16(Tue)~19(FRI) May, 2017, KINTEX SEOUL FOOD 2017
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여기서 부터 컨텐츠

  • Purpose : To provide 1:1 meeting / consulting services for overseas exhibitors participating in the exhibition, for successfully entering into the Korean food market with Korean business partners
  • Venue : ‘Biz-Consulting Center’ (SEOUL FOOD & HOTEL INTERNATIONAL PAVILION- KINTEX Exhibition Hall 3)
  • Date : 2019.05.21~24(4days)
  • Application Process :
      (1) 1st stage: Applying through ‘Biz-Consulting Program application’ on-line page
      (2) 2nd stage: Feedback mailing requiring additional details of products
      (3) Review of application form and details of the products by our Biz-consulting program Agency.
      (4) Providing company profiles with the domestic vendors, importers, distributors
      (5)Announcement of meeting/consulting schedules to overseas exhibitors

      ※ Please make sure to confirm in advance
     - This program is only for food (except for wine & liquor)
        (Any exhibitors with Wine, please join our WINE TASTING PAVILION 2019 program! More details from Homepage)
    - Deadline date: April 26, 2019
        (* If necessary, on-site consulting may also be arranged)
    - Participants may exhibit their items at the Biz-Consulting Center.
        Please contact our Biz-Consulting Agency to request display of your item at the Biz-Consulting Center.


  • FAMNET/ Biz-Consulting Agency
  • - Email : bizcon2019@famnet.co.kr
  • - Contact person : Sun-hee, Park / Tel: +82-2-3474-9216