Foreign Visitors Only

If you are Korean, please register at [click Here]. Those who are identified as Korean on the system, your pre-registration will be automatically eliminated by the Organizer without notice.

To register please fill in one form per person attending. Repeated pre-registration cannot be accepted via system.


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Conditions of Entry

【Strictly trade only】
Entry is restricted to professionals in food industry. Proof of business identification may be required. People not working in food industry, and people under 19 years of age will not be admitted at any time.

【Conditions of Entry】
1. This is a trade only exhibition and as such not suitable environments for children. Admission is restricted to food professionals only. Persons not in this category, including children, will not be admitted at any time. Proof of identity and industry involvement may be requested at the registration desk. Free registration expires May 1, 2019, otherwise entry to the exhibition costs you at ticket box.
2. Visitors agree they will not promote their products or services to exhibitors while attending the show. Visitors found in breach of this rule may be asked to leave the event immediately and be refused entry to future shows.
3. Full time apprentices and tertiary level hospitality students will be granted entry by Organizer on condition they do not impede business between exhibitors and trade buyers. A valid student identity card may be requested at the registration desk.

4. Please note due to organizer’s regulations, prams and strollers are not permitted at this exhibition.